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Fantasy World : Cakerbuddies Miniature Doll House Collaboration

My inspiration comes from the thought process of kids that when they read books,specially the fairy tales ,how they fantasize the details given in book…
“The base of whole cake is carved in the shape of a fairy tale book. And out of the book ,a castle is coming out is to show that how a kid will imagine the contents of book while reading it.
Castle has a front elevation on one side n back of it shows the interiors of castle.
Front castle has 2D structure made by fondant n gumpaste n brick impression is given .
Back side of castle has two floors ..on ground floor there is a drawing hall which has a big lounger n a tea table..on the side wall there are painting of royals.. A vase on a table adorned the corner of hall .. from the other corner there is sweeping staircase. I was so apprehensive for making that but finally i could acheived what i dreamt. N through these staircase we reach to the bedroom of doll .there is little bed,an almirah ,a side table ,a dummy with the gown of doll n a bean bag..
Side table n roof of drawing hall have real lights which was also first attempt for me ..
In short,while making this piece ,i relived my childhood memories n perhaps made few new one.

-- Cakemantra by mona

Beautiful concept

Stunning! Love the details❤️

Love the staircase.

-- Monika's Bake Adda

This is so pretty; loved the concept.

-- Zorba the cake studio

Awesome awesome 👍

Very nice and neat work too. Also very unique design amazing work.

-- Rachana's Food Galleria

Fabulous! And in my opinion the best of all the doll houses that I have seen :) I love the castle coming out of a child’s book as he reads and lets his imagination make fantasy come true. I also love that this is a cake and is edible. And your detail is amazing! Bravo!!!

-- The Garden Baker

The Garden Baker, thank u so much for ur kind words.. it means a lot .thanks.

-- Cakemantra by mona