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Cakerbuddies miniature dollhouse collab - Techno Den

A modern-day Doll House inspired by my gadget-freak, tom- boy daughter whose idea of playing is games, music and chilling out with friends
“. The LED lit 3 areas, brick-inspired outer façade with cool graffiti, complement her tastes and vibrant colours spelling youth and funk.
The MJ inspired music zone, with drums, cassette styled hook, leather effect bean bag, music box has cool disco-feel psychedelic colours.
The gaming console inspired bed, remote inspired foot mat & lounge chair, the BIG tv and PS4 in the cool green hues is her dream bedroom.
The chill out zone tyre-styled stools, is colourful, cool place to hang out with friends.”
Airbrush, marbling, wood effect, painting, bas relief
Techniques used :

Beautiful! ❤️

-- Seema's Cake Couture


-- Monika's Bake Adda

Excellent work awesome 👍👍👍

-- Rachana's Food Galleria

Awesome it is.

-- Cakemantra by mona


-- Drop of Sugar, your Cake Artist

Fantastic concept of each room, loved the structure! Detailing is fab

Lovely gadgets house for kids 👌🏻

Very nice george’s

What a lovely splash of colours! Beautiful lighting…amazing creativity

Wowww ,Amazing creation Sheenu