Mad hatter cake

Mad hatter cake

Unusual design for a mad hatter cake…
This one was for my niece’s 18 birthday.
She had a birthday party last night and this was my surprise gift for her.
Hat is wafer paper, such as all other decorations (except chain that is a real iron one).
Bottom tier is a cakeboard and it’s coated with black fondant and crumbled wafer paper (white wafer paper dusted with black and blue metallic dust).
Real cake is coated with homemade light purple fondant.
I hope she liked it, as I don’t know yet 😍
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So beautiful!😘

Mis dulces tentaciones

It is so unique design. I like what you did with a cakeboard. What a smart mix. Looks great. You flowers are perfect, and paying card creatures are fantastic. Lot of brilliant solutions in one place.

Thank you so much Asya and Ira!
Love you 😘😘


Beautiful 😍❤️


Beautiful cake! ❤😃

Olina's taarten

Lovely! I was going to ask how you got the chain to look so real :)

The Garden Baker

very nice ! ❤

I work as a qualified nurse and cakes are just my great hobby .

So wonderfull and unique design dear Clara!!!

Anka -