Cakerbuddies Metallics Cake Collab

Cakerbuddies Metallics Cake Collab
Cakerbuddies Metallics Cake Collab Cakerbuddies Metallics Cake Collab Cakerbuddies Metallics Cake Collab

MYSTIQUE by Rachna Kapoor

Theme – Metallics

The most striking thing about metals, was its mystical qualities like the Sheen, Lusture, the allurance, the brightness backed by its malleability, the strength and at the same time the way it changes with change in temperature and air ~ it’s form just changes!
Eg. The mystical liquid metal – Mercury, stays in liquid form at room temperature, isn’t that like a miracle? And the there’s this crazy little piece of carbon that can transform itslef into something stronger than metal, under high pressures! Now this is even more mindblowing!! Did i need any more inspiration? This formed the top and base cake :) "

Base: The Creative Splash – This is inspired by the liquid metal – Mercury. Looks almost like silver or even platinum, but totally different properties, and just as flowy as our creative juices!

Bottom Tier – inspired by The Metal Trunk. We have grown up using a few of these, and they have always caught my fancy, the most sturdiest and safest of all, (back then atleast) and how we blunted the edges with a leather strap and swatches fastened with gold rivets .

Separator : Inspired by a leather Bracelet studded with Silver Diamond Bullets

The Middle tier is an 8" Double Barrel Cake covered in White Fondant and Airbrushed usine Real Palm Leaves as the Stencil. The Palm Leaves Covering this tier are made with Wafer Paper dusted with Edible Petal Dust.

Adorning the Middle Tier – the out-turned silver panels embedded with turquoises and emeralds. This was inspired by a modern silver Bracelet. This was made with Gumpaste textured and cut in the preferred sizes, and let to dry and harden in a curved container. Later these panels were air Brushed and dusted with edible Silver Dust
FInally the Silver Diamond Topper – this is shaped using Gumpaste, and airbrushed with Edible Silver Airbrush Colour and later dusted with Silver Lustre Dust.