Caker Buddies Metallic Theme Collaboration- Bedazzled

The Minstreat
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Bedazzled, My cake is a representation that there are always 2 sides of a situation- The darker side and THE BRIGHTER SIDE.
I have used black to accentuate metallic gold in all three tiers. I have used kintsugi, a Japanese technique, in one of the spearators to show how a broken thing can also be turned into something precious by adding gold to it (meaning we learn from all our experiences…we can use our breakage and repairs as part of our history. Flaunting it rather than disguising it). Unless there is darkness moon can’t shine. So, there my cake stands majestically, exuding positivity and maintaining that all that glitters is indeed… Lending that Midas touch to Life.

Techniques used : Kintsugi, stencilling, marbelling, quilting, brush painting, ruffles and use of dil seeds and samolina to give textured effect.

-- The Minstreat