OMG! itss a cake

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Beautiful Srilanka - srilankan king

Love for my Rose gold Master Piece.
I took Srilankan King Maha Sammata as inspiration.
As my interest is in structural cakes, this design gave me nice opportunity to work with structure as well as sculpturing. I enjoyed a lot working on this project ,so much of learning.
skills/supplies/tools used:
Modeling chocolate, Chocolate, Rice cereal, Ganache, Isomalt, Satin ice Fondant , Satin ice gumpaste, Airbrushing, Dusting, Clay tools, Fondant tools, Building structure.

OMG! itss a cake

satin ice fondant satin ice gum paste chocopan modeling chocolate ganache isomalt airbrush airbrush colors luster dust sculpting tools gravity cake cake structure internal structure 3d structure fondant tools sculpting tools innovative sugarworks tools structural cake internal structure bust cake fondant cake sri lanka






Gabriela Doroghy

Amazing!!! Love it!!! <3

Un Cupcake, l'Addition !

One of my favorites. Woops, I said it again ?!



Alyaa sharshar

Awesome 😍

Chanda Rozario

I soooo love it ❤️

OMG! itss a cake

Thank you so much Sharon 💜

OMG! itss a cake

Thank you domicakeart 💜

OMG! itss a cake

Thank you goshcakes💜

OMG! itss a cake

Thank you Gabriela 💜

Niro Riyaz


DixieDelight by Lusie Lioe


OMG! itss a cake

Yes ! You said that again 💜

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Beautiful Srilanka - srilankan king