Beautiful Sri Lanka old woman

Alyaa sharshar
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The beauty of the wrinkles of time appear in the face of this simple old woman ❤❤
The piece I did for beautiful collaboration (Beautiful Sri lanka) that hosted by beautiful Sharon Siriwardena ❤❤
Hand painted cake

-- Alyaa sharshar

Thanks sweetie ❤

-- Alyaa sharshar

Absolutely beautiful❤️

-- sugar voyager

You captured her hapiness and sweetness, beautiful piece.

-- Sébastien - France - Un Cupcake l'Addition ! -


-- Denisia ArtCakes

Picture perfect!

-- PrincessBakes

Beautifully done

-- GoshCakes

Amazingly Beautiful painting

-- Tasnuta Cake Artistry

Amazing! ❤️

-- Seema's Cake Couture

Love, love, love it!!!!

-- Raquel García Martínez