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Orpheus with his lyre (Grecoroman Cake Challenge)

The story of Orpheus and my work:
Orpheus is the son of Apollo and The Erato (Fairy of Inspiration), Kalliope. Orpheus can play the magical lyre which is given to him by Apollo so good that he can glamorize not only peoples and gods with his songs, but also animals and non-living things. That’s why he has been called as “The god of songs”. Orpheus is a great bard and a great lover, when his beloved wife Eurydike died, he went to the underground to take his wife back from the God Hades, Orpheus was able to perceive God Hades with his songs. But, there is no reunion in the destiny of this two lowers. This immortal love has inspired numerous artworks. And may be it is the great love between those two that makes Orpheus and his lyre so special.
No molds were used at all in the making of sculpture, and everything was hand-modelled.
(In order to make the work unique, a large size of lyre was made which is missing in the original design.)

-- #ardeca #bygulcintekkas

fondant wire tools marzipan set silicone modelling tools wire tape aluminum foil dummy cake #grecoroman


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Gulcin Tekkas

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Orpheus with his lyre  (Grecoroman Cake Challenge)