The Burrow

The Burrow

It’s not much , but it’s a home, says Ron . “Its Brilliant !”said Harry.

Iam a dreamer at heart who loves magic and magic is the world of Harry Potter. If I could, I would get into the Harry Potter world and explore all that it holds. Harry, was fascinated by the burrow and by the magical secrets it held inside. A similar fascination inspired me to create “The Burrow” and bring this magical house of the Weasley’s to life.

The entire burrow structure including the window extensions are made with ginger bread, each piece delicately handcrafted and stuck with royal icing… The roofs and the distinct chimney of the burrow are made with pastillage. The garage, next to the burrow is the home for Flying Ford Anglia.

Oh how I love everything magical and how I loved creating this at my first attempt at a gingerbread structure. It’s just so beautiful…Iam in love with it.