Antique jewellery box

Antique jewellery box
Antique jewellery box Antique jewellery box Antique jewellery box

Sharing my contribution to second annual
Incredible India cake collaboration hosted by Tina Scott Parashar. My work is
inspired by veryfamous kashmiri wooden

Antique jewellery box.

Our country is not only diverse but it is
unique in all senses. You get to see
some of the most intriguing exciting
artworks. Wood art is also one of
those phenomenal crafts.Wooden
handicrafts from India are famous all
over the world for their beauty and
durability. My piece is inspired by
Kashmiri wood craft famous for its
intricate carvings.The raw material
used for the fine woodcarving of
Kashmir is obtained from a walnut tree
known as ’Doon Kul ’ that is cut only
once it matures to an age of 300
years. What sets this wood apart from
others is that it is extremely hard and
durable and is available only in
Kashmir. Several products such as
toys, bowls, platters, jewellery boxes
with intricate details are a speciality of
this region. Decorative wood panels
for ceilings, arches and doorways are
a special craft of Kashmir and is called

twisted bake tales

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WOW! Such detail! Such beauty!

The Garden Baker