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Botero Challenge / Bride and Self Portrait

My inspiration for the “BOTERO CHALLANGE”, I was invited to participate in with an invitation from the beloved Maria Mercedes Gonzales Lagarma and in which we study the works of Colombian painter and sculptor Botero, was the painting he did in 2013 called “The Bride”.

I was delighted to research and lose myself in the art of Botero who said that he drew fat people to be able to color more surface. In my work, along the artist’s “Bride” painting, I wanted to pay homage to the artist by painting his portrait by hand. Two empty frames that i used in my design, symbolizes the two pieces that i studied.

I hope you enjoy.

-- #ardeca #bygulcintekkas

fandant dummies wire wafer paper gelatin flowerpaste edible fabric fondant tools edible colours brush alcohol gelatine ecacto knife flower cutters pearl mould #cakecollaboration boterochallenge handpainted caketopper figure collaboration challenge


Mero Wageeh

Fabulous work ❤️❤️


She is gorgeous

Ania - Sweet creations by Ania

Beautyful 😍


Unique !!!

Gulcin Tekkas

Dear @Mero Wageeh, thank you so much. <3

Gulcin Tekkas

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michal katz


Gulcin Tekkas

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June ("Clarky's Cakes")


Gulcin Tekkas

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MOLI Cakes

Amazing piece !!!

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Botero Challenge / Bride and Self Portrait