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Monster High: Clawdeen Wolf Cake

Clawdeen Wolf inspired cake. Covered in purple fondant. The bottom tier is zebra striped to match Clawdeen’s clothes. The border on the tiers is made to look like the necklace & belt that Clawdeen wears. I used a mold with the fondant for the studs. Then I hand painted them with edible gold pearl dust. The top tier is done in edible printed frosting sheets with various pictures of Clawdeen and her wolf skullette. Perfect for a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf enthusiast.

-- Nicole, California

birthday purple black monster high clawdeen wolf zebra striped



Wow! I love the colors.


Great cake!

Nicole Taylor

Thanks PChef & CCBN!


I love Monster High! This is such a cool cake.

Nicole Taylor

Thanks MeadowT!

Bliss Pastry

Maybe they aren’t fake accounts. Still it looks suspicious to your peers and this I thought was a site for peers to share work with peers at least that is why I post my work here. If my non baking friends created accounts just to fave and comment on my work then it is not exactly the same anymore and being in the leader board doesn’t mean my peers have thought well enough of my work to help it get there. It also blocks anyone who is here to share and measure their work amongst their peers from fairly doing so. My friends and clients support my work on Facebook but the cake sites are for a place for cakers to come together with other cakers.

Nicole Taylor

I had no clue that comments even counted. I thought it was based on views. I will make sure to let my friends and client know not to post any comments in the future on this site. Thanks for your input.

Bliss Pastry

It’s based on comments, number of people who have favorited and views count in as well. You aren’t the only one who has accounts that do not post cakes commenting and faving and on the outside it really does look like fake accounts. I’m totally relieved that isn’t the case here. Your cake is very cute by the way! Your cake peers will support you and appreciate your hard work :o)

Amanda’s Little Cake Boutique

Yes, I apologise too, xx.

DCC Cakes, Cupcakes & More...

I love your cake and you did an awesome job!!! Xoxo :-)

Nicole Taylor

Thanks marciadex!

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Monster High:  Clawdeen Wolf Cake