Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Sugar Succulents

I’ve never been a big fan of naked cakes. In fact, when I was asked to make this wedding cake, I initially declined. But, my bride was quite persistent and, eventually, I relented. (Turns out, she was not only lovely but was the mom of one of my daughter’s school friends! And, the wedding was in a garden less than a mile from my house. I guess it was meant to be!) Having finished this cake, I think I shall only make naked cakes from here on out! (Joking….but I admit I’m a convert and I can see what all the fuss is about!)

For the first time, I purchased sugar flowers from Cal Java. I was so pleased when they arrived. The quality and workmanship was excellent, as was the shading. ( I did re-color some of the flowers a bit (using petal dust) to match the succulents in the bouquet, but the original colors were gorgeous.)

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So beautiful! I love those colors of succulents! 😍

Calli Creations

Absolutely gorgeous!!

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Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Sugar Succulents