Fashion Inspired Cake

Fashion Inspired Cake
Fashion Inspired Cake Fashion Inspired Cake Fashion Inspired Cake Fashion Inspired Cake

For something different since you’re probably all sick of the sight of this cake haha… inspiration was a beautiful soft pink Chanel dress on a model at the end of a catwalk. So I knew straight away I wanted my cake to have an hourglass figure (lets bring it back lol) and I wanted to suggest a vintage dressmakers mannequin….so here we are. The roses are assembled petal at a time, each one veined and fluted as the beautiful Michelle Rea taught me. I then dusted each centre and petal edge with copper lustre dust. It took a week and a half to make the roses alone. I made close to 100…put the whole thing together, rang the photographer to tell him it was ready, then promptly dropped it….now down to 72 roses :( He cleverly some of the broken roses as dropped petals under the cake. It’s now sitting in my hallway and I smile and nod at it every time I walk past…yes I may be just a little crazy haha! Thanks so much for letting me show you AGAIN :) xxxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia


Oh thanks Ana! I think you’re probably the only one in Cakeland who hasn’t seen it :) xxxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

probably the best cake in the world!!….haha… love it mate….. original, brilliantly executed, and just all over fabyness!!

S x

Oh Sasha!!! You’re so biased!!! I’m thinking the pic is pretty bad tho…can you tell i took this one? haha! :) xxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

I never get sick of looking at this. Are you kidding me? It’s a one of a kind, fantabulous cake! And I will take every opportunity to keep telling you this too! ;-) D

~Daniela xo

Awww Daniela! Thank you so much, you’re too kind!! :) xxx
And thanks Rebelka :) x

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia

OMGosshhh I missed this one!! How on earth could that happen???? LOL

it is gorgeous, beautiful, amazing, stunning, fabulous, genious just like the lady who made her :)

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Gorgeous, Gorgeous, GORGEOUS!! I love that you shared the story behind the inspiration, and the DIFFICULTY behind the making of the Gorgeous (had to say it again) cake!!

Toni, Pennsylvania,