Pirates theme Modern Wedding Cake!!!

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Glimpse of Modern Wedding Cake

I am happy to share that my creation was given 6th place in the competition.

Here is a brief regarding my work:
My creation of Modern Wedding Cake is of Pirates Theme. The bottom tier is an octopus – half dummy and half RKT. I have used modelling chocolate to cover the dummy & RKT. The texture is made of Rava, air brush and hand painting.
Above the octopus is a treasure box. The dummy is covered with fondant. I have given the texture using silver leaf, air brushing and modelling tools. I have not used any moulds and the toppers are handmade. The golden and silver coins are hand made with a currency impression on it.
The third tier has captains hook, hand painted wedding note. It also has pirates eye mask. No moulds have been used for the tier.
Top tier is the pirate ship, with couple skull. Wedding tail of the bride is made up of sugar lace, tiara is of fondant. Groom has a typical pirate cap. Both the skulls are hand made using modelling chocolate. Traditional pirate flag is made up of wafer paper. The ship is covered with fondant and hand painted. Golden effect is made up of fondant and golden dust. The ship also contains a sword with golden horse and fire effect. It is shown as stuck to the ship symbolizing, ownership of the ship.