Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake

Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake
Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake Anti-Gravity Baking Theme Cake

Here is my baking theme anti-gravity cake. I created this cake to celebrate my Youtube Channel – Cakes by Lynz hitting 100,000 subscribers. I wanted to create a cake that celebrated what the channel was about, and after different ideas I decided on a baking theme cake. Baking is what every video has in common, and I thought this was the perfect idea!

I had so much fun making this cake and absolutely love how it looked at the end. There is a video tutorial showing the different techniques that I used from building the inner structure from a 12 inch mdf board with 2 metal threaded rods, both measuring 27cm in length, attached with nuts and washers to the board. I then added additional nuts and washers to hold the separate cake board that holds the carved mixer cake in place, hovering above the bowl. The handle of the mixer is made out of polystyrene and covered in icing. I then covered the mdf cake board with icing, in a marble effect, to look like a kitchen worktop.

For the cakes themselves the first was carved and made to look like a mixing bowl with the heart pattern on the side and then the whisk and the whisk attachments were added. With all the different elements combined I love how realistic and fun the cake looked.

One of my favourite parts of this cake is the whisk attachments going into the cake mixture. These are made from gumpaste pieces pushed into the cake and attached to the metal rods which were also covered in icing. I think this really brings this cake to life as it looks like they are mixing real mixture which is splashing up the side.



Love this cake! Congrats on hitting the 100,000 mark!

Kelly's Kitchen

I love this. Thanks for the explanation of how you put this together and many congrats on hitting 100,000!!

The Garden Baker

Wow! That’s clever and congratulations.x