Minnie Mouse - Cake This Again Collaboration

For this one, we had to take an old cake from our early days and recreate it, to show how far we have come. I chose the Minnie Mouse cake I made for Darcey’s 4th birthday, nearly four years ago 😱 I didn’t want to change the design too much, just wanted to prove to myself that both my figure work and the general finish of my cakes has improved! This cake was made for Demi’s first birthday a few weeks ago, I hope she enjoyed her ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ cake!

minnie mouse cake minnie mouse cakethisagaincollab cake remake


Elli Warren

Aww sooo cute!! :-) x

Sweet Dreams by Heba

very cute, well done :)

Susan Fitzgerald Cake Design

Love it!!

Sandra Smiley

Beautiful work!

Calli Creations


Cake Topperz( TASNUTA ALAM)

Awesome ❤️❤️

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Minnie Mouse - Cake This Again Collaboration