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Shabby Chic Peony

This is the cake I made this past weekend for my Mother in Law’s birthday. Anything that could go wrong did. It ended up being one of my favorite cakes. This was my first time making a peony and doing ruffles like this on a cake.

-- Benni -

peony flower pink blue yellow ruffles butterfly shabby chic mothers day


Ann-Marie Youngblood

Lovely cake Benni! Love your Peony!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you Ann Marie! Really appreciate it!

Michal Bulla

Beautiful !


This cake is amazing!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you all again! Can’t wait to try making more flowers and trying other techniques.

G Sweets

Love the peony!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you Sarah!


Love the peony! Wonderful work!

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you Natali. I really appreciate your nice compliment!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

This is beautiful! I too love the peony, but I also love how you did the ruffled swags.

Benni Rienzo Radic

Thank you so much Toni. This was my second peony attempt. The ruffles swags I saw a tutorial on youtube and wanted to give it a try. I have to say that this is one of my favorite cakes of the ones that I have made. The final result was from a series of mishaps that happened while I was trying to decorate it.


Love the cake, sometimes the cake that you think is gonna cause you the most heartache, usually is the one that makes you smile the longest – love it x

Benni Rienzo Radic

Sugarkiss that is so true. I had so many issues this cake gave me fits. It ended up better than my original design idea ever could have been.

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Shabby Chic Peony