French Bulldog Golf Caddy

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Made for a birthday boy who loves golf and his sweet little French bulldog.

The cake flavor is based on a bar shot called a “buttery nipple” ( my apologies, I don’t mean to be offensive at all- that’s just what the drink is called and so it is how the flavor is best recognized. It is a combination of Bailey’s Irish Cream and “Buttershot” Schnapps and makes for a delicious – and decidedly adult! – treat). The cake is a “remix” recipe ( cfpeoples’ Baileys Irish Cream cake recipe from Cake Central recipe site. 1/3rd or so of the Irish Cream was replaced with the Schnapps). The layers were then generously soaked with the BN combo, filled with stabilized whipped cream, frosted with Kailua dark chocolate ganache and covered with Irish cream MMF.

The doggie was made from homemade MMF with Tylose powder.

-- wooLaLacake

Very cute ..woof

-- Thetastymuffinmaker