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Caker Buddies Valentine Collaboration-February Love

Artist Name: Monika Srivastva

Business Name: BakeryAdda

Theme: 14 days of valentine

Title: February Love

My inspiration is Romantic Love where everything is Rosy pink.
"""There is only one happiness in this life,to love and be loved""
By George Sand

Who doesn’t want to love or to be loved ?
A lot has been said about true love and romantic love, One is long lasting and the other one is short termed or we can say infatuation. Here I don’t want to talk about true or romantic love, I want to talk about the first love or crush which gives you smile on your face when you think about it even after many years. When you look at my cake it will remind you about romantic love where everything seems rosy and loveable."

-- Monika's Bake Adda