The saga of colour, culture and Heritage of Rajasthan.

The saga of colour, culture and Heritage of Rajasthan.
The saga of colour, culture and Heritage of Rajasthan.

My entry for Incredible India Cake collaboration.

My Name: Swati Deroliya
Business name: SweetTooth By Swati
Chosen State: Rajasthan
Title: The saga of colour, culture and heritage of Rajasthan.
Medium- Fondant, Handpainting, Gumpaste

Jaipur, a city of colours, crafts, culture, & royalty.
A three tier cake where the bottom tier depicts the traditional art of Pittan work, which is a fine detail craft of embroidery on the fabric using only one fine thread along with world famous block printing of Sanganer where detailing is carved on a piece of cloth by printing the design from a wooden block working as a stencil.
The middle tier is depicting the craft and architecture of Rajasthan where the centre piece is showcasing a ““Jharokha” a traditional rajasthani window carved out of a single peace of red or sand stone. The detailed carvings on the jharkoha is a mixture of Persian and Indian art. Inside that Jharokha is the famous “Bani Thani” painting that reflects the beauty of the mighty rajpoot woman who is sitting into her jharokha all dressed and dolled up and waiting for her husband to come back from the “Samar” (war). Right next to the jharoka are the “gorbands” a decorative piece which is used in homes as well as on Camels and Bullocks to make them look beautiful and attaractive. Also on the same tear are the “Kathputli” (puppets) of “Dhola & Maru” a couple from western Rajasthan. The tale of their love is an epic love story and is performed by the kathapultiwaals along with the soulful voice of the manganiyaar musicians. Here in the top tear we see the scenic scene of the famous Bapu Bazar. A market in the heart of the pink city famous for its shops of Handicraft, jewellery and clothes market. The Kathputli waala who is also the owner of a shop of Blue pottery is luring in his customers to his shop with the act and tale of “Dhola-Maru” and trying to sell them the Terko-Persian art effects of blue pottery which has been made famous by Jaipur and is widely associated with the city.
All in all what I have tried to showcase here is the architecture, craft, history of my state Rajasthan. A state full of surprise and a tag line which says “Padharo Mahare desh” which means come to my land.

Swati Deroliya