Caker buddies pottery theme collaboration- La beauté bleue

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Pottery is perhaps one of the earliest human inventions and the art has only evolved since. Our endeavor to bring the artwork to life through this two tier cake is a result of application of techniques like Airbrushing, Bas Relief, Gumpaste Flower and Texturing.
Mix of two mediums, Modeling Chocolate and fondant has been used to achieve the results of Clay pottery in a cake. Traditional pottery tools have been used to carve the design and for design to stand out like a traditional pottery art piece. Airbrushing technique has been carefully deployed to achieve the dual color shade.
In order to compliment the whole design, two tier cake has been topped with a lifelike Gumpaste Dahlia.
Through the intricate structuring and carefully thought of design we have tried to portray various techniques of traditional pottery.