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Chinese Sugar Flower Wedding Cake

Scott and Angie’s sugar flower wedding cake. This cake is a perfect example of how sugar flowers can allow a designer to create a mood and color palette that fresh flowers cannot. With sugar flowers, the freedom to use floral varieties that may not be readily available at that particular time of year/ or in your area of the world. Cake tiers provide the perfect ground for sugar flowers to both grow and prosper.

Scott and Angie wanted the cake to be a textural display. We played with various ideas of how to integrate different textures into the cake design, but the way we chose to go about it in the end was to infuse texture through the various shapes, movements, and feel of the flowers. Much like Scott and Angie’s family, the cake melds two separate cultures into one cohesive whole. To achieve this cohesion, we worked traditionally Chinese flowers, such as the lotus and peonies, into an arrangement with more commonly used western oriented flowers and style.

While culture and heritage are present in the cake design, they do not dominate, and leave room for personal style choices and preferences. With this cake, we wanted to show that the not oft-used lotus, while the star of any arrangement, can seamlessly be worked into everyday arrangements. It’s unusual form and unique center scares designers into using it on its own, or not at all. Since lotus flowers can live for centuries, if not millennia, they are sacred in many cultures as a symbol of resurrection and endurance, which makes them perfect for any wedding. In addition to the lotus, this arrangement houses elaborate interchanges of shapes and textures, including the concentric circles of the ranunculus and the fluffiness of the sugar tree peonies.

-- Alex Narramore/The Mischief Maker

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Chinese Sugar Flower Wedding Cake