Chinese 70th Birthday Cake - Koi Pond

Chinese 70th Birthday Cake - Koi Pond

Okay, have to admit this was a tricky one.
My mind says dont over saturate and go asian on this. We asians tend to do color overly vibrant, and i want my aesthetics as muted as possible… but with this design, clearly i have to go the other way.
Koi fish needs improvement on gracefulness. It was challenging to paint them cos i got bored of repeatedly painting fish. Client specifically wanted 8 pieces of koi. As 8 is symbolic to chinese as never ending luck.
Sorry for the lengthy discription.

I used wilton food color and peotraco food color as well as americolo. Thicker in consistency- less gin. Just so it would imitate Acrylic paints.
Dusted with rainbow dust. And line embelishments with non toxic gold high lighter mixed with gin.
I specifically love using Gilbeys gin as it evaporates immediatelu and it smells like baby cologne!!!! Love it!!!!

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