Incredible India cake

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Differences define Strength. We know, there is an underlying thread, Icons of national identity are an important link in the formation.
National flag being pride to the nation inspires the tricolor theme for my cake.
Saffron at top revitalizes our national Animal “Tiger” – a 3D representation with modeling paste and textures symbolizes Energy.
Deepest emotion of Love, “Taj Mahal” resuscitated with generous airbrushing enriching White and Blue Colors thus depicting, the path of truth.
Third tier, colored green uses Royal Icing textures to revive our National Bird “Peacock” delineating faith and chivalry.
From the mud of adversity grows the lotus of Joy epitomizing Indian Pride, forms the base of the cake.
These colors and elements represents true India- beauty, grandeur, greenery, culture, love, peace and purity- indeed an Incredible India!


-- Urvi's Creamy Creations


-- Pooja Nanda Sareen

Beautiful! ♥

-- Floralilie Sugar Art


-- LaPetiteMeringue by Radha Dhaka


-- Temptee Delights

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Gorgeous !

-- Ipshita, New Delhi, The Hot Pink Cake Studio by Ipshita


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