Indian Bride

Indian Bride
Indian Bride
Indian Bride

It gives me immense pleasure to share with u, my contribution to the Incredible India Cake Collaboration conducted by Tina Scott Parashar

Cake Title : Indian Bride
Business name : Creamy Destination

Cake Inspiration/Description:

I have always been fascinated by the beauty of women especially Indian women. As an artist in my childhood days, I used to do sketches of girls and ladies more than landscapes.

My cake is inspired by the beauty of an Indian woman. What better a concept to choose for ‘Incredible India Cake Collaboration’ than an Indian bride who is an epitome of beauty and grace, decked up in her bridal attire and ornaments. So, here’s my cake portraying the exquisite beauty of an Indian bride in her glorious attire in all grandeur.
The bottom tier represents her ethereal lehenga and the top tier, her complementing choli with intricately designed jewellery.

Please go through the link to see the amazing work of all other international cake artists :

“The Incredible India e-mag and hard copy are available for purchase and all proceeds will go to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund. Price Rs 250/- for the e-mag and Rs 300 + shipping for the hard copy. Please get in touch with Tina Scott Parashar at”