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Happy Birthday Mackenzie!

This was the perfect client! I live in SE PA, and she is a transplant from LA. The old Louisiana, the classic, southern lady, who dresses and looks impeccable. She was a new client.

She sent me 3 cake photos, with arrows, and text, of exactly what she wanted. Now, I usually don’t do cakes where they tell me exactly what they want anymore, but I was intrigued, and a little nervous, so I took the order.

This was the result. When she came to my door, dressed unlike anyone else in my area, I was entranced. She was lovely.

She saw the cake, and hugged me, she was so impressed, and thankful (and I think surprised that she found someone in this area that could create her vision).

If you look at my past cakes, I very rarely work in fondant, I’m a buttercream gal, so this cake was so much fun, and it’s all cake.

Also, this was mostly colored with Fondust, the new product from Roxy and Rich, and I love it! No mess, and wonderfully vibrant deep colors.

-- Bella's Desserts

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Happy Birthday Mackenzie!