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Between Minds Collaboration - Mental Health Awareness - Anxiety

I’m quite proud and honored to be in the Between Minds sugar art collaboration. In fact, I had a difficult time limiting myself to even just one cake, so I made two.
As a psychologist, I have seen the devastation that mental illness can leave behind. Despite this, we should not forget to look for hope in every day, and in every moment. Though Dr. King was not speaking of Mental Health with this quote, I still believe it applies.

“With this faith, I will go out and carve a tunnel of hope through the mountain of despair.”
― Martin Luther King Jr.

**These designs are not my own, that honor goes the the extremely talented Grafton Pottery. Thank you for allowing me to replicate your designs in cake!

-- Sweet JennieD

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Znique Creations


Sandra Smiley

Another great sculpting job!

The Garden Baker

Fantastically done!!


Amazing Jennifer!!

Maira Liboa



Wow! Seriously powerful message.


Anxiety is such a overreaching disorder.

Calli Creations

This smacked me right between the eyes! Very powerful piece!!!!!

Catalina Anghel azúcar'arte

Awesome work!

Designer-Cakes & Sugarart by Nathalie

Woooow! Amazing!


Brilliant well done x

Aurelia's Cake

Amazing piece!

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Between Minds Collaboration - Mental Health Awareness - Anxiety