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Tiffany Cake

This is my 2nd attempt of making a birthday cake and decorate it with fondant. I’m quite happy with the result :), although it still far from perfect :). well, my interest toward decorating cakes started from facebook :), just looking at those beautiful creations really has made my day. so by joining this cakesdecor forum, i really hope that i can improve my cake decoration technique. since i’m a very proud mom of 17 months old boy, i have no time to go to cake courses or school, so i try my best to learn from some very talented people via youtube, starting by showing us how to cover the cake with fondant, make a fondant bow, etc. So thank you all very much.
oh, i made this cake for my best friend birthday, and she was very happy with the cake. it was chocolate mudcake layered with chocolate ganache.