Couture Cakers Collaboration

Couture Cakers Collaboration
Couture Cakers Collaboration Couture Cakers Collaboration Couture Cakers Collaboration Couture Cakers Collaboration

Welcome to the 1st Annual Edible Sugar Art Fashion Show Collaboration. A very talented team of 44 Cake, Cookie and Figurine Sugar Artists made up the Couture Cakers International this year. I am one of the artists that was invited to join this extraordinary group. I am honored to be a part of it!
Here is my contribution to
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It’s a cookie!
“The Taste of Fine Art” – 25"w x 38"h
Inspired by Alexander McQueen’s dress for Givenchy Haute Couture 2000 Spring/Summer Collection. My piece in particular was created as an interactive edible showpiece for event guests to each get their own “Taste of Fine Art”. I chose to use the stage lighting that reflected onto the Crinoline from my inspirational photo as the background colors for my art piece, while utilizing various edible mediums to create this contemporary collage. Some of the techniques I used was priming and coloring the isomalt to create the spunlike and splatter look of the Crinoline. Underneath the Isomalt Crinoline I used melted Cinnamon chips for flavor and skin color over a layered Vanilla Almond/Chocolate Oreo baked cookie, fondant, melted white chocolate with a bit of Royal Icing. For texture, edible fabric and Rice Paper was made, clear Isomalt was poured over fondant, white chocolate, edible pearls and dragees and hybrid edible glitter for shimmer. Marbled and colored glass like isomalt was added to mimic the colors of the stage lighting and to add dimension. Edible paints, vegetable and food dyes and edible metallics were used to create this CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE.

Fine Art Cookies

Fine Art Cookies

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Clever design!

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