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Spongebob Squarepants cake

Buttercream cake with fondant accents.


This is fabulous! I’d like to make a cake like this for an order next week, but I don’t have any idea how I’d deliver it. If it was fondant covered it would be easy to support with your hand as it traveled, but since it’s buttercream it would mar the finish. Any ideas would be appreciated!

-- Happy Cakes

Get a large enough dowel and drill a small hole in one end. Decide where you will place it on your cake board, then poke a hole in the cake board. Hold the dowel in place over the hole. Then, from the bottom of the cake board, attach the dowel with a small screw & a washer. The washer will stop the screw from going through the board. Works for me…hope this can help you. Use as many dowels as you need to support whatever size cake you’re making.

-- lolobeauty's...where sweet dreams are made

Yes. you can do a support system like that described above. I did one a little easier for this cake, as it was only about 25 to 30 servings (made from 2 1/2 8" squares). My cake board is actually 4 or 5 cardboard cake rounds. Once I had the cake stacked, on the cake board, and completely decorated, I drove dowels into each side, much like you do a center dowel, but it was done on the sides. It made it stable enough for transport. However, my cake was not super slender either, so that helped. I hammered the dowel in until I felt like it hit the bottom cake round. Hope this helps. :)