1980s Summer jam

1980s Summer jam
1980s Summer jam 1980s Summer jam 1980s Summer jam

Here is my contribution to the Power of Music collaboration!
The year was 1980, I had gotten my first car, a 1964 red VW beetle. I was working as a waitress and was in HS. It was the summer and all I wanted to do was go to Jones beach every day with my friends, and spend the day baking in the sun, and listening to great music while eating junk food!! That year Squeeze released the album “Argy Bargy” and I was hooked! Who could forget " Another Nail in the Heart", “Vicky Verky” and “Pulling Mussels from a Shell” Difford and Tillbrook became my generations Lennon and McCartney and driving with the sunroof open and singing those songs with the volume blaring always brings a smile to face!! Even to this day when those songs come on the radio Im still blaring it in the car and singing out loud!