Tribute to Sabyasachi Mukherjee

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Our contribution for the PDCA Caker buddies collaboration- theme Glamour .."Tribute to Sabyasachi Mukherjee ".

Inspiration: As we reflected on the really interesting theme of this competition, a name that almost instantly struck us as inspiration is that of well known Indian designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. We have always found Sabyasachi’s designs classy- a good mix of royal and contemporary; always authentic and a true reflection of Indian soul. We felt that Sabyasachi’s design philosophy, ‘personalized imperfection of the human hand,’ reflected well our own cake making philosophy, where we aim to make each of our designs such that they are special yet soulful. With the aim of paying tribute to Sabyasachi’s belief in Indian roots, we decided to take inspiration from the six core elements and make a six sided suspended cube cake.

“The cake is a 12 inch suspended cube. The first side of our cake is the Sabyasachi logo engraved on a leather pattern in the center and antique discs enhancing the border. The border design is inspired from the actual wall decorations in his showrooms. The second side is a depiction of Sabyasachi’s famous bird embroidery. We have tried to create an authentic feel of this design through a hand painted cross stitch impression. The third side might look intriguing to some, but perhaps not to an avid Sabyasachi store visitor! The vintage clocks are a common accessory in all his outlets. Through this design we have tried experimenting with mixed media textures to create a wooden vintage clock feature. On the final side, what’s a designer without his models! The fourth side depicts models wearing his floral collection on a vintage background. The fifth side showed an elephant which is created beautifully with gold royal icing in the centre with jewels and golden bead work engraved on the border. This is one of Sabyasach’s most popular designs, often seen in bridal lehengas. Finally the last side is showing a necklace and dried leaves, which has been inspired from his latest collection. Through all these elements we have tried to show different facets of Sabyasachi’s work and personality.