Madonna della Seggiola (Madonna of the chair) - Raffaello Sanzio - Italian Sugar Dream Collaboration

1997 23 27

About the Piece:

EN – My creation for “Italian Sugar Dream” reinterprets the famous “Madonna of the Chair” by Raphael. I chose this picture because I find that Mary is finally represented as a mother / mom next door, because personally I do not love the sacred art.
Her head was bowed tenderly to the child and raised her leg create a protective and gentle vortex. I accentuated the lights and shadows of any shape and fabrics, trying to make it similar to the painting. The scarf (probably Syrian) Mary is painted. I enjoyed to sign as did the legendary RAF, with a blue armband gold edged and the name hand painted. The silhouette of Urbino (the birthplace of the painter) was done deliberately with a Moravian Cookie, an aromatic biscuit without egg that allows it to be stretched and worked with very low thickness. Urbino is in fact of that color “cookie”.
The birthplace of Raphael, but also of my father, the city where I got married, cities and places related to my family and to which they are linked by a thousand other reasons.
It was not long ago that I created with the heart. Maybe he was gone for a while …
And ok, now he’s back.

-- Barbie lo schiaccianoci