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#Supporticon Collaboration - Hope!

BLACK is the color he knows. He sees using touch and sound. I see him familiarizing each new surface with his tiny hands. Born blind, he is such a happy cheerful child.. I see his mother’s struggle every minute. It is not easy for millions like him and their parents. My heart goes out to all specially abled children around us.

On the cake, I have tried different texturing techniques and also added HOPE in Braille.


Thank you so much Mary Ann George for inviting me to participate in the collaboration supporting such a great cause.
Kindly check the below video and be the change makers in this society. Please forward the video to all your friends and show your :)(:
https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=KE_uT6PtJCo&feature=share
#Supporticon- Brave steps towards an Inclusive Society. #Supporticon, a universal icon to show support to a special friend. It’s a symbolic representation of any person standing or sitting with a special needs child, leaning on each other’s back to show their support. Basically two back to back smileys portraying support. :)(:
So if you want to :)(: this cause, all you have to do is bake a cake with love, befriend a special child, gift the cake and win his/her smile. #bakeforsupport
Please visit this link for more – https://www.facebook.com/supporticon/
I have shown my bit of :)(: and now it’s your turn to show your :)(: to the wonderful special needs children sent by God.

bas relief cake black supporticon collaboration cake


Elli Warren

Fabulous!! Looks amazing! :-) x



Chris Jones

It’s beautiful!!

Oven 180 Degrees

Thank you.



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#Supporticon Collaboration - Hope!