Djinn - Sugar Myths and Fantasies Global Edition

Djinn - Sugar Myths and Fantasies Global Edition
Djinn - Sugar Myths and Fantasies Global Edition

This is my piece for this awesome collaboration!

Connie Cruz Jansen
True Love Cakes

Located in: San Antonio, Texas, USA

About Me:
I have been a baker pretty much all my life, but my passion for cake art and custom cake decorating began about seven years ago after taking a couple of classes at a local hobby store. I have absorbed every written and video tutorial and demonstration I come across, but most of what I have learned has been hands on. The satisfaction of making something magical happen out of sugar is amazing.

About My Piece:
My inspiration was the myth of the djinn, also referred to as the jinn or genies. I used jewel tones because many of the pictures I came across for inspiration were filled with color and vibrancy. I wanted to capture the magic and mystery of the myths, as well as the luxury of an ancient Arabian palace. The figurine is a small tribute to Scheherazade, the storyteller of One Thousand and One Nights that spun fabulous tales to save her life. Aside from the wooden base and backboard covered in fondant and small bamboo skewers that were used to support the figure and wafer paper “smoke” coming from the lamp, everything is made of edible materials: Fondant, gum paste, Magic Chocolate, Flexique, rice cereal treats, food coloring, luster dust, and wafer paper.