Princess cake

Homemade fondant over carved mud cake layered and crumb coated with ganache. My littlest niece wanted a princess cake in pink for her 4th birthday. The body is all fondant, there is a just a single short bamboo skewer from the head to half way into the body, the body is held onto the mud cake with ganache and fondant. The dress holds it in place quite firmly.
The details were modelled in my own modelling fondant, it’s a mixture of my homemade fondant and homemade Mexican paste.
Recipes here:
Progress photos showing the steps in the modelling on my facebook page:

Supplies: homemade fondant ganache lustre dust cachous

Tools: sculpting tools sugarveil silicone mat

Tags: princess cake princess dress dolly varden doll ball gown pink cake sculpting sculted face


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That’s lovely and looks delicious too! x


She’s beautiful

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So pretty

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Princess cake