Tigger Cake

Tigger Cake
Tigger Cake Tigger Cake Tigger Cake Tigger Cake

February 2016
Tigger cake, Jaffa flavoured. Orange “red” velvet cake with orange ganache, covered in home made fondant. I hand sculpted the Tigger model from homemade modelling chocolate. All up the cake was about 60cm high and easily over 12kgs!
I’m pretty happy with the finish on this one. :)
This is my first unbalanced freestanding model, it fun was working out how to create the central support and armatures for it, and gratifying that it survived the car trip completely unscathed.
I want to acknowledge one of my cake idols Raewyn Read.
I borrowed very heavily/outright copied from her amazing original design for this cake and spent a long time looking at pictures of Tigger…
Check out Raewyn’s amazing original one and other work here:


Fabulous!!! I’m sure our lovely Rae would love it too

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