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The Ox cart

For the animal rights cake collaboration,
My piece is based on Ox.

In India, Oxen are used for agriculture or to carry load in a cart.

Very close to my home is a big iron trading market, Loha Mandi.

The roads there are so narrow that only animal carts can go in.

These poor animals are used to pull carts full of iron rod bundles, all
Day long.

Many a times the load is much more than they can actually bear and the animals get injured.

One such episode is depicted through my work.

I have shown here an overworked, tired Ox, who was made to carry so much of load, that he collapsed, with blood oozing out of his nose and eyes.

This is my first sculpted piece ever made.

Every thing, the cart, the iron rods, Ox and the road are made of fondant.
Here is a link to my page.
Thank u Isabel for this opportunity.
#animalrightscollaboration #savetheanimals #cakesbymkop #komilaskakes #protectanimals

This poor little guy breaks my heart. Amazing piece, Koms!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So realistic and made to perfection.

Amazing creation .. Hats off

Amazing details.. Well done..

Love the detailsšŸ˜

Amazing detailed work.. Keep it up Komila

-- Cakecstacy Prajakta

Wow!!!awsmm job

-- Drop of Sugar, your Cake Artist

Oustandingā€¦. love it

Wow. Super. Brilliant. Extraordinary

-- Schokolade by Ridhima n sakshi