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Sweet Art For World Light Day 2016 Collaboration in loving memory of Fenna

What began three years ago as making a cake for fun has now become my passion. ‘Stoere Taarten’ is my business that I started and I can express my creativity. Several times I have had setbacks and especially last year when my daughter Fenna, who only lived for 17 days, suddenly died. Two months later I finally got the strength and started again with my cakes. I noticed that it was a distraction but also it gives me peace. I love to make children’s cakes and find it really fun to do … But I also realized that I will never make a cake for a birthday or any other occasion for Fenna. I kept thinking of this thought. About 3 months ago I sent Jacqueline van der Wal (which I then knew nothing about, only from facebook because she had organized an autumn colabration) a message with my idea. She found this a very good idea for a collaboration but personally I wanted to give something extra and soon there was the idea to organize an exhibition. What I though would only be a few people that would want to participate … turned out to be the best thing I have ever organized . I notice that almost everyone knew someone who had lost a child but it was not often spoken about. I could have such beautiful conversations with people .. many people and companies wanted to help … the support that you get…I am still lost for words. But of course I also had to create something … My creation is based on a song by a dutch singer Paul de Leeuw, ‘Toch hoor jij er altijd bij’ which means ‘of course you still belong with us’. This song was also played at the funeral of Fenna. Bits of text from that song is reflected on the cake. With what I started so frantically has stirred up lots of emotions and has made it more difficult to finish. Of course I see improvement and you’re never satisfied .. But I am proud of the people who have carried me through to finish it. Of course it is not only for Fenna…but for all the other children that have been lost. They will always be with us! Love Carola

royal icing fondant hand painted hand sculpted sweet art for world light day world light day #collaboration #sweetartforworldlightday2016


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Beautiful cake 💋❤


I love this cake and this collaboration.


just so stunning awesome job … xxxx hugs


so beautiful 💋 ❤

Carola Smits ( Stoere Taarten)

thank you all so much XXXX


Lively Carola x

Carola Smits ( Stoere Taarten)

a big hug for every one


beautiful 💛

Flappergasted Cakes

Stunning <3

Elli Warren

So so beautiful!! Gorgeous! :-) x

Calli Creations


Carola Smits ( Stoere Taarten)

Thank you for your nice comments


<3 So beautiful…
Such a lovely cake

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Sweet Art For World Light Day 2016 Collaboration in loving memory of Fenna