Indian Mom Chibi Cake

Indian Mom Chibi Cake

Hi guys,

This is my attempt to sculpt a Chibi out of the cake for a lovely collab. Chibi is a Japanese word for people with large heads and tiny bodies. So the entire head here is sculpted from a cake and the chibi as a whole is all edible! As for the theme, I wanted to make an Indian version of the chibi and what better than giving her the traditional Indian mom avatar. But at the same time I also wanted to highlight how she has transformed and adapted so well to the current times. So she is a sweet baker mom in a sari with a cute little bindi on her forehead. I did want to add a lot of hands doing different things to indicate the Supermom part but all did not go as planned and I had a surgery so I could barely finish this cutie. While the cake is dedicated to all the supermoms I must give a special mention to my dad who again helped me build a strong and robust structure for the chibi to stand on!!

Thanks for looking :)

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