PDCA Caker Buddies Dessert Table Collaboration- A Royal Affair

This dessert table is a part of the PDCA caker buddies collaboration, the Theme dessert tables was for their anniversary issue and we are so glad to be a part of it.

After ideating for more than a month, we finally started baking our desserts 2 days prior to our setup. Two sleepless nights and we finally had all our desserts ready.
We both, Sadhvi, my sister and I, Saumya, love to do things grand so we had decided on our theme being, The Royal Affair, (fitenough for the queen)
We decided to do some of our favourite desserts! Desserts we dont get to eat often or at cafes and bakeries.
We wanted to do a strawberry tower, but unfortunately here in India they were not in season, so we decided to do the croquembouche, and boy are we glad!!
The orange charlotte was amongst our favourite, followed by the baileys pudding, Strawberry cheesecake, peach pie etc.
All the crockery and cake stands are from the house!! yes our great grand mothers, grandmothers and mothers!! yes we did raid our dads Bar as well for the champagne flutes and martini glasses.
Setting up this dessert table has given us the opportunity to prove to not just ourselves but a lot of people that we are a lot more than just cakes…
For your wedding or event we can design and create a full dessert table; from a large visual extravaganza to feed 1000, to a themed sweet table to feed 50. We also make individual sweets and desserts to accompany a cake display, or to give as gifts and wedding favours.
Hope you like our menu and the display :)
For more pictures click on the links

1. Cake
2. Baileys chocolate Pudding
3. Cherry and coconut lamingtons
4. orange Charlotte
5. Creme Brulee
6. Lemon Meringue Cocktail
7. Peach Pie
8. Strawberry Cheesecake Flutes
9. Pistachio cake with rose frosting
10. Croquembouche

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Most beautiful table I have seen.. :-)


Love the setup…. superb job👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Enchanting…meant for a princess!!!

Sweet Rhapsody Cake Art Studio

Exquisite! Truly fit for royalty!

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou so much Pooja :)

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou Himanshu

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou Vanilla Bakery and Sweet Rhapsody Cake Art Studio

Polka Dots Cakes

Amazing. So perfect

Elli Warren

Looks beautiful!! :-) x


Amazing setup… it’s very enchanting… Truely fit for a queen… love the selection of desserts😘


Truely classy ….

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou Polka Dots Cakes for this amazing opportunity

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou Elli :)

The Secret Ingredient

Thankyou Ami And Meenaz :)

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PDCA Caker Buddies Dessert Table Collaboration- A Royal Affair