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Nimue - OUAT Sugar Art collaboration

Hi, my name is Milene and I’m from Portugal. I found this sweet world 6 years ago when I tried to make a cake for the first birthday of my princess. I fell in love and became completely addicted to it.
Since then I started making cakes, first for family and friends, then quickly opened my own business.
I love my job, love bringing happiness and smiles to every party, and like to think I somehow make the world a sweeter place.

I chose Nimue because I think it is easy to identify with this character. It was a normal girl who saw her village and family being destroyed and, despite its simplicity and purity, the desire for revenge was so strong that it eventually turned her into a monster.

As Edgar Allan Poe quotes “The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls”

Milene Habib

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sugarpaste cmc powder dust colors airbrush modelling brushes x-acto knife brushes


Brittani Diehl

beautiful work!

Sandra Smiley

I don’t know how I missed this incredible piece! Wonderful job, Milene!


Fantastic job!

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Nimue - OUAT Sugar Art collaboration