The West Wing

The West Wing
The West Wing The West Wing The West Wing The West Wing

Hi everyone.. Got an opportunity to participate in another Pdca collaboration where the theme was Sitcoms.Racked my mind and I chose ..The West Wing ..which is based on the challenges faced in The White House. It was a challenge for me too . Doing structure and sculpting human figurines for the first time. Tried my best to get my maths right and did the structure.. Depicting the story as per my interpretation..hope u all like it.. Presenting


Scene 1 – “ The clock struck 12 midnight. While the world slept, the White House was bustling with activity.”

Scene 2 – “ Nobody knew what was going on…….except a handful of the President’s closest aides “

Scene 3 – “ The president and his team were in the Situation Room – monitoring each & every movement of the Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan “

Scene 4 – “ As the dew started to settle down on the lawn, Tension was mounting …..”

Scene 5 – “ At the crack of dawn, the News started pouring in…..”

Scene 6 – “ The sun rose like never before , OPERATION LADEN was over ! “

Scene 7 – “ It was time to break the news to the world “

Scene 8 – “ Bin Laden has been killed! – informed the President to the world press “

Scene 9 – “ The end to a new beginning “