Regal wedding cake

Regal wedding cake
Regal wedding cake Regal wedding cake

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share with you my most recent wedding cake made this summer.
I’m a massive fan of regal designs and was thrilled when a friend asked me to design a wedding cake which incorporated the regal design.
I used a very popular design floating the net as my inspiration. It’s a teal cake with gold regal work. I’m sure you’ll recognise it once you type regal wedding cake into Pinterest lol!
Anywho… This cake was made with lots of love and caused a lot of stress and tears due to a few problems which occurred along the way!
All in all, it wasn’t the most perfect nor flawless cake. But. I can most definitely say it is up there with my favourites that I’ve done so far ❤️
Hope you like it as much as I love it 🙈