U n Me

U n Me
U n Me U n Me U n Me U n Me

How do u express love , beauty and romance, in a cake … For me , it was this one .
The cake I named U n Me after the very special people for whom it was made for . The eternal romantic in me joined hands with the cake artist in me ,
And the result was the dream cake , U n Me !!!
The three tier Belgian chocolate cake had a beautiful heart shaped topper , with hanging engagement rings !
The color scheme was blush pink , gold and black ( dresses of bride n groom) .
The lower tier has a beautiful water color painted effect in shades of pink n gold, and a tilted heart made of petals .
The middle tier has a love inscription along with the subtle monogram u n m!!!
The top tier has again a hand painted heart with gold U n M . The icing on the cake is the beautiful pink n gold heart topper that signifies a union of two loving souls , who loved n lived happily ever after
Hope this most reverted community gives me an honest critique and their love .🙏🙏