Coral Keely Wedding Cake

Coral Keely Wedding Cake

This pretty cake was a lot of hard work but totally fell in love with it. It matched perfectly with all the wedding decorations at the beautiful venue too. Even the sequin layer matched the table cloths and ruffles matched the pom pom decorations.

Lots of new techniques I did making ruffles, edible gold sequin layer and using edible 24ct gold leaf too. The peach, coral and pink flowers were a joy to make too!

12" – Vanilla with vanilla butter cream and strawberry jam
10" – Lemon and poppy seed with lemon curd and lemon buttercream
8" – Chocolate fudge with milk chocolate ganache
6" – Spiced carrot cake with orange cinnamon butter cream

Love Lucie at Lucie Loves To Bake -x-