Shabby Chic Asian Wedding

Shabby Chic Asian Wedding

Non traditional Asian Wedding Cake. I did her hand painted engagement cake last year and she loved it so much, she ordered something similar for her wedding which was 31 May 2016. all three tiers are 6" high |(10", 8", 6") Rich Chocolate torte cakes filled with whipped chocolate gananche buttercream. Hand-painted using cocoa butter and sugar flowers. The pics below are other views including one pre assembly, you can see the supporting cake dowels
I haven’t got great photos due to the pink lighting they had on, so difficult to take decent pics, but bride has promised pro pics at some point for me.

The cake took one day to paint. One day to bake, one day to cover, one day to paint (16 hours)

The other side of this story is I was extremely ill at the time… this happens to us all and we just have to get through it. :) …. and not only that, I had to drive to London and back on only one hour sleep to assemble. (a round trip of 8 hours in horrendous weather conditions) Scariest delivery ever and had guardian angels watching over me that day. I will never do that again. Live and learn.
Suffice to say, I am back to good health after 5 weeks of a complicated virus.

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Wonderful Calli. Amazing painting!!!!


Super gorgeous!! Love the colours and your hand painting is as divine as ever =D

Violet - The Violet Cake Shop™ -

Amazing! Love the riot of colours.. Absolutely gorgeous painting ❤️


Beautiful!!! Gorgeous painting! ❤️

Absolutely stunning!!! Gorgeous painting! Love this!!

Anka -

Just so beautiful Calli, I love all the beautiful colors and amazing work you did on this cake….xxxx

Sugar Cakes

Ah Cali, despite all the hardships , this cake is magnificent. The hand painting , the flowers – all stunning just like only you can do it . Going back up to look and wonder for some more time … OMG … <3


They are 👀 stunning piece of art…i would not dare to cut them..fantabulous

Anand Kumar