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Cupcakes for a good cause

I just wanted to share some cupcake photos from a fundraiser we held this past July! We were so excited at how well it turned out. On June 1, 2011 a tornado ripped through western MA. My hometown of Monson was a direct hit. This tornado left over 60 homes completely gone, 175 with structural damage and over 300 with some form of damage…and a town broken. With a 2 year old at home I knew I would not be able to volunteer with the cleanup like I wanted, so I thought how can I help? How about a bake sale? I know not many expected this bake sale to raise much, but we felt like we had to do something no matter how small. In the end, we raised $1,100 for the Tornado Relief Fund. Two of my very best friends helped to bake, decorate and sell while others in my family and their friends helped to bake some other goodies to sell as well. I can’t post all the photos here, but if you would like to see photos of the whole setup with descriptions of all the cupcakes and our day you can go here:

-- Tiff - MA