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Christine's Hydrangea Wedding

Bride wanted a simple, but elegant wedding cake. Cake is 12", 10", 8", 6" with a 6" hydrangea ball on top. The cake is frosted with swiss meringue buttercream, then covered in modeling chocolate. Many thanks to Jacqueline Butler for her help and guidance with the hydrangeas and ball construction (get her video or, if you ever have a chance, take a class from her. . . . . awesome lady and wonderful instructor! Such knowledge of colors and flower design), and thanks to the sweet Viola Doyle (another great instructor and designer) for her suggestion to make lots and lots of flowers. The ball took a good 200 of those little guys! Cake inspired by a picture the bride saw on the internet by Asessandra Cake Design. Thanks for looking.

-- Carla Jo, California

wedding olive green cake hydrangea modeling chocolate vanilla bean red velvet


Ballderdash & Bunting

Beautiful :)



Nancy T W.

Very elegant .

Carla Jo

Thanks so very much for the wonderful comments.


Stunning! Simple but still makes a big statement! Well done.

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Christine's Hydrangea Wedding